Application Development

Zon Innovative IT Solutions Common Approach to Software Development and Maintenance is an extensive set of process and practice guidance that drives our employees toward continuous process improvement, for more reliable and higher-quality delivery of software products and services to our customers. In addition,Zon Innovative IT Solutions Common Approach incorporates implementation and tailoring guidance facilitating our close relationships with our clients. It comprises written documentation and courseware on software policy and processes for:

Policies and Process :
  • Analysis
  • Configuration Management
  • Development & Project Management
  • Review
  • Testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment and Maintenance

Zon Innovative IT Solutions philosophy and dedication allows us to deliver value-driven software solutions characterized by

Our Philosophy:
  • High quality with less defects or no defects
  • Predictable schedules and price with less re-work and more re-use
  • Qualified software engineers that possess the appropriate skill mix for the task.

We offer our CLIENTS the right ingredients - "best practices" approach founded upon leading industry standards - the right mix of skilled engineers and business analysts - and the technology know-how.

  • Application Development
  • Product Development
  • e-Commerce Solutions
  • .NET Development
  • PHP Development
  • ASP Development
  • MS SQL Reporting Services
  • MS SQL OLAP Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Portal Development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Dynamic Flash Applications
  • Application Testing Services

Application Maintenance

Zon Innovative IT Solutions follows a structured application maintenance process which allows effective capture, reporting resolution of maintenance requests. Our Application Maintenance Services go beyond merely managing and optimizing overgrown applications. Our portfolio-based, consultative approach takes a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, and services. We understand your business domain, technology roadmap, processes, and applications, then optimize and align team structures to deliver improved application support. With minimum downtime and volatility, your applications stay optimally geared to provide rapid responses to key change requests and business requests. Questioning redundancies and high-cost low business-criticality applications, Zon Innovative IT Solutions also ensures easier application maintainability.

  • Application Support
  • Technical Helpdesk Support
  • Design update
  • Upgrades and Patches
  • Code Review
  • Maintenance of Application System

Product Development

Our outsourced product development model delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Lifecycle services. We offer specialized end-to-end product development services based on client needs. We Drive innovation, validate new product ideas, verify and prototype their potential for customers and investors. Our Independent Test and Verification service improves quality and reliability of our client’s products leading to higher client satisfaction and reduced support costs. Our Continuing support and maintenance for new, expanding, and retiring product lines help our clients retain their customers. Increasing the life of a product by adding features to keep it relevant to changing market needs. We keep enhancing our clients service offering through a range of product implementation and support services including Installation, Customization, Integration and support.

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Product Realization
  • Product Enhancements
  • Product Testing
  • Product Maintenance and Support
  • Product Migration & Software Porting

Web Design & Branding

Zon Innovative IT solutions offering a variety of web services from basic Website Design to complete e-commerce websites including high-class website development, custom web programming from a simple web page to the complex solutions, e-commerce solutions, CMS (Content Management Systems) and search engine friendly website design - SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allowing you to sell products online. We understand the importance of easy to navigate websites and search engine friendly. With intuitively designed user interface, which gives website visitors with an aesthetic experience, we help define the next action of the visitor and further interactions for greater possibilities...

  • Website Designing
  • Logo Designing
  • Content Management System
  • SEO & SES Services
  • Website Re-Designing
  • Brochure Designing

Mobile Application

Mobile is changing how we do business.

Our engineers have built the technical infrastructure for many solutions. From robust backend systems to custom hardware integration, their knowledge and experience allow us to tackle the most complex Mobile initiatives.

Zon Innovative IT Solutions has expertise building all flavors of Mobile applications:
  • Native Applications for iPhones and iPads using iOS, Cocoa Touch and Objective C
  • Cross Platform Applications using HTML5, Javascript and Phone Gap
  • Responsive Web Sites that render quite well in any device, be it a laptop or your smart Phone

Zon's philosophy and dedication allows us to deliver value-driven software solutions characterized by

Users want better workflows, not more features, and that adoption and user satisfaction should be the primary success metrics for all Applications.The Agile approach that we use emphasizes immediate, incremental successes and the flexibility to adapt as the project progresses. This allows for greater collaboration within our teams and creates constant feedback loops for you to weigh in on the progress of your program.

Our Server/Backend Team works closely with the Frontend Team to ensures the Backend is not only robust and scalable, but makes sense to the end user.

We can make any experience beautiful, but what’s really important is that it runs smoothly and is a good representation of your brand. Our QA team runs exhaustive tests and fights for quality every step of the way.


Whatsapp Blast Service

WhatsApp has always been the most popular program for sending messages to others. You can use WhatsApp for Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services and communicate everything from very official to very informal matters or information. WhatsApp has evolved into a platform for small enterprises and marketing services. It's not just about messaging.

WhatsApp isn't just the most refined platform for sharing texts with friends and family. Bulk WhatsApp marketing services and text messages, posting videos, and audios play an essential role in advertising a brand through texts, photographs, and even audio.


Rs. 4000

  • 10,000 Messages


Most Popular

Rs. 17,500

  • 50,000 Messages


Rs. 25,000

  • 1,00,000 Messages




ZON Consultancy Services

Finding the right people in right time is a known solution to us.


Monitoring Services

In today's highly competitive business world, many a time global organizations require high caliber remote technical support on an array of software and critical applications to help them stay ahead in the race. Not many companies can afford to have the luxury of dedicated professionals for constant remote support monitoring and it is in this context that the significance of outsourcing takes centre stage. We have the professional competence and infrastructure to provide remote support monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our vast scope of our remote support service encompasses expert assistance with right solutions, support, trouble shooting, detailed performance and uptime reports. We have successfully emerged as the ideal partner to many organizations worldwide by providing an array of remote support services.

  • Systems Monitoring
  • Server Monitoring
  • Website Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Database Monitoring

Quality Assurance and Testing

When it comes to IT applications, quality is not a luxury. Software defects are estimated to cost the global economy more than $100 billion. It is our firm belief that Quality Assurance & Testing plays a key role in ensuring that companies get the benefits they expect from their IT systems. A dedicated team of professionals at Zon offer QA and Testing services to customers keen on improving the reliability and excellence of their systems.


Multimedia Services

We offer innovative, high quality multimedia services with leveled mixture of simplicity and style. Equipped with creative minds, fast fingertips, and the latest technology, we take great pride in our diverse and exciting designs. From simple text and graphics to more intricate designs, we provide you with amazing services at very affordable prices. The enormous scope of combining text, visuals together with pictures, graphics, still images, videos, flowcharts and other medias is incredible. We bring together the best in multimedia technologies so that you stay a creative step ahead of your competition. We use latest technology trend to give you a unique multimedia experience.

  • Multimedia and Graphics Design
  • Visual Effects and Motion Graphic
  • Logo Design and Animations
  • Image Optimization
  • Flash Website Design
  • 3D Visualization / Walkthrough.
  • Flash 2D/3D Animation
  • Animation for Banner Design

RPO Services

Zon Innovative IT Soluitons offers hassle-free and reliable offshore IT staff augmentation services. Our service is set up with an unmatched combination of resources, highly skilled individuals, and an advanced infrastructure. Our team closely interfaces with clients, to assess and measure up the requirements of the job profile and get candidates, who rightly fit with the requisite profile. We provide you a direct and uninterrupted access to our team to assign tasks and to streamline the resources to suit your processes and reporting methodologies. IT staffing services outsourcing is a responsibility that involves a lot of credibility, trust and consistent performance, and we at Zon Innovative IT Solutions agree and follow that fully.

  • Full Time/Permanent Hiring
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Contract-To-Hire
  • Employee Sourcing
  • Applicant Screening
  • Skills Assessment
  • Salary Negotiations